Sunday, April 29, 2012

Assorted on a Sunday.

A Sunday Orphan, from The Art Of Bisley. Running this 'cuz it's good to see Biz drawing his frequent collaborator, Glenn Danzig, in the guise most of us hold dearest, namely in his Misfits get-up.

Edmund Bagwell is, to me, the complete comic book artist, 'cuz not only can he do a great Kirby impersonation, he can letter like Mike Royer, too. I've another Bag-E piece I intend to run around here somewhere (digs around in his hard drive). Ah, here it is! His homage to Ron Smith, from a tribute mini-comic put together by 2000AD fan Mark Howard, the guy also responsible for the Carlos Ezquerra get-well-soon book from a while back.

Oh, and just spotted this in the nether-regions of my RSS feed - the great Kent Williams draws James Bond for PLAYBOY (again! Tonight's theme revealed!), in 1997 (from The Illustrated 007).

Quitely draws the A (Animal Man) to Z (Zenith) of Grant Morrison

Is it cool to have two posts in a row showcasing Frank Quitely? Yeah, why not? I'm sure I repeat myself all the time these days anyway, with multiple What Not re-blogs (whatever happened to those guys?). Here's a fun illustration he's knocked out (hurr) for PLAYBOY to accompany a passingly controversial interview they've done with Grant Morrison. "Passingly", as it's just reiterating stuff that came out a good while ago in the book SUPERGODS, but the Baby Men legions are a lot more likely to read a porn mag than a hardback book, after all. This is the largest scan of it I could scalp offa the internet, but if anyone has a bigger 'un, send it along, because the fun resides in the details. Cop those fingernails! *UPDATE* Massive scans can be found over at Andy Lee's Flickr.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vince drawin' Batman & Robin again.

Running this not just because I like the composition, but also because that's probably how Batman would look if those dolts at WB had a stroke and decided to sack Nolan and hire me to make those movies.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Local news.

Another UK comics publisher is born: Great Beast. You'll recognize their founders' work from assorted UK anthologies and web-comics, I'm sure. I don't think I've ever featured Adam Cadwell here before (which makes him probably the only member of the sub-set "cartoonists with a name that sounds like mine" I haven't), though I've always liked his style. Best of luck to them, they've kicked off with a helluva mission statement.

I've had  WJC's Passenger Of The Day Season One print up just inside my front door, and everyone who enters my house stops to peruse it, and marvel. It's a work that rewards repeat viewing, and now Season Two is back from the printers. Available at a convention near you from tomorrow morning, I guess.

Finally, a little film about Chris Weston. Watching it, you'd almost be of the impression that he was spectacularly zen-like:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rory Phillips

A week or two ago, every comic art blog was linking to Rory Phillips' Birds Of Prey redesign for the Superhero Of The Month blog.  I was going to myself, but at the time I was having a minor case of blogger's block. So you might say these are overdue. Fell in love with Rory's work as soon as I saw it, hits just the right note of Phil Bond-iness. Can't go wrong with girls on scooters.

Here's a couple of gig posters he's done for Saucy Yoda:

And a piece of GAME OF THRONES fan-art I saw doing the rounds on Tumblr a while ago:

The only non-Moore/Gibbons WATCHMEN comic you'll ever need.

From the always-excellent Spleenal blog of Nigel Auchterlounie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Geo Law

I realise this piece is nearly a year old, but I just saw this linked to on Computer Arts' blog: Geo Law's proposed cover for some dude's Hendrix/Wu Tang mash-up.  Check out his website, I like his work, it reminds me a bit of ol' BL favourite Alfie Gallagher.

Cheers Levon, thanks for everything.