Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chris Weston covers Bolland for 2000AD's 35th birthday celebrations.

I don't often twock a story from Pete Well's 2000AD covers blog, mainly because Pete and I regularly have far-diverging tastes. I don't feel the need to name names. On this we can agree, though: the glory of Chris Weston's update of the classic Bolland design for the fondly-remembered Eagle Comics' 2000AD Monthly #1.  My cousin Geoff had that 'un, and I coveted it mightily.

Here Chris rightly prioritises characters from the last few years who have themselves became classics (Harry Absalom, Zombo, Dirty Frank, Shakara, etc).  I know I regularly make little digs at Current Tharg, but he's largely been steering the old ship in the right direction.

Update: Noticed last night that Chris has drawn himself, dead centre, into his composition as Titus Defoe. Cheeky!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuff, and opinions about stuff.

Francesco Francavilla will be doing some covers for Garth Ennis's run on THE SHADOW for Dynamite Comics.  The Dynamite modus operandi is to commission a load of alternate covers by great artists, but have the interiors by someone competent but underwhelming.  I love The Shadow, knowing the property almost entirely just as a comic, and it was always a great looking comic. Going back, you had Kyle Baker, Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Chaykin, Frank Robbins, Michael Kaluta.  It was hard enough finding any art by Campbell on't web, and what I saw didn't blow me away. Here's hoping he raises his game for the material.  But hey, this Francavilla piece really sings.

Duncan Fegredo has chosen the next theme over at the What Not, and it's "Cosmic Odyssey". That should give the amazing roster of artists over there plenty of excuses to break out the Kirby Krackle.  Duncan kicks off with this piece.
This couldn't help but remind me of the HAVE SPACESUIT, WILL TRAVEL tribute Duncan did for the ever-impressive Hey Oscar Wilde! It's Clobberin' Time! site.
Which in turn got me thinking about his Ballad Of Halo Jones piece.  And his Star Wars covers. Basically, if I was an editor with any sense at a publisher with deep pockets, I'd be throwing money at Fegredo to draw a hard SF comic.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

James Hance's Tank Girl/Princess Leia mash-up.

This has been doing the rounds this last couple of days, and you may have seen it already, but it fits the BL-equation, so it runs. The relentlessly cheerful James Hance's Tank Girl/Star Wars mash-up.

Bonus: dig the Fraggle Rock/Star Wars mash-up from a couple of weeks ago.  Doozer is my home-boy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hard Times.

If you want to kick it old school like we've crashed the DeLorean in 1983, how's about Walter Simonson drawing a THOR cover again for Marvel?

The Invisible Artist

Dunno if anyone outside of Northern Ireland will be that interested in this, but here's a tight little social history of comics 'round these parts. It brought back a few memories.

The Invisible Artist from Northern Visions/NvTv on Vimeo.

Pete Fowler's Nemesis The Warlock.

Music fans of a certain bent and vinyl toy collectors alike are probably already following the blog of Pete "Monsterism" Fowler.  Here's the two cute-as models Pete has designed of 2000AD's Nemesis The Warlock for Togetherplus. This design is something of a recurring theme for Pete, I remember he put out a t-shirt with this on it a while back, originally for the Zarjaz Exhibition in 2005 (I think). Gorgeous - I look at that "subject to licensor approval" sign and hope that is a mere formality - Tharg, we all need (at least) one of these for our mantel shelves.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alan Davis draws Captain Britain, again.

I've been in an Alan Davis-y mood all day, since seeing this, this morning.

One of the reasons I love an Alan Davis illustration of Captain Britain above those of any other artist is the fact that Davis draws him with a default facial expression of confusion. And when he's not confused, he's scared. Or occasionally furious. But seldom stoic.

Thank Merlin the original Davis-era costume design is back. That MI:13 Hitch-job was too (inadvertently, I presume) kinky, turning the Union Jack motif into an arrow pointing directly to the wearer's wedding tackle.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh, this is glorious.

Henry Flint invents the one page graphic novel. I was born somewhere around the border of "falling skulls" and "rabid geese".

Daniel Krall on DC. "Hope you like our new direction".

My interest in the Nu-52 DC ended with the cancellation of Giffen's OMAC and the realisation that Simon Bisley probably wasn't going to do any more of those hilarious STABBY-MAN covers.  But I do like this illustration Daniel Krall has done on the subject for McSweeney's.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brendan McCarthy & Pete Milligan's SUMMER OF LOVE

After I mentioned how I'd only ever seen one installment of Pete & Brendan's Sunday newspaper strip SUMMER OF LOVE (in Rufus Dayglo's Comicartfan gallery), David Rees emailed me with a scan of a second.  Here's both, and if anybody comes across any more, email 'em in and I'll post them here, too.

Everyone involved with THE NEWS ON SUNDAY usually roll their eyes when the subject is brought up. It may have been an amateurish set-up, a total misfire and a grand failure, but one thing they got right was commissioning comic strip talent. The second strip that ran there was SCATHA, by Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry - you can see four of the seven published strips at this Bear Alley entry from 2008.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bat Out Of Hell

Saw this a while ago on Rico Renzi's Twitter fee - Jakob Westman's Batgirl.  A poke around Westman's DeviantArt page reveals an illustrator with a McKelvie-esque line and an attractive way with colour.

I knew the name was familiar, and realised where I'd heard it before - he was the guy who came up with the custom Hellboy Playmobils that were doing the rounds a while ago - remember these?

Milligan/McCarthy's THE ELECTRIC(K) HOAX

Again: for anyone watching my blog but not following David Hine's - and if not, why not? - tonight he's ran a bunch of scans of The Electrick Hoax, the 1978 strip Pete Milligan and Brendan McCarthy did for long-deceased music weekly SOUNDS. It was of-its-time and fairly terrible, but of hysterical historical interest to a lot of you, I'd presume.  There's a few visual clues there to the later preoccupations of this team. 

Anyone out there got any scans of THE NEWS ON SUNDAY's Summer Of Love by Pete and Brendan, from 1987? I think I've only ever seen one week's edition of that strip, and damned if I could be bothered heading over to Colindale Avenue to view 'em.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog watching

The latest theme at the What Not blog has been video games, which is something of a pet subject for Duncan Fegredo.  Normally not the most prolific blogger at the site, he's posted four times in two days - and it's all good stuff.  The last three follow the progress of a commission a few years ago from EDGE magazine. Shame they didn't run with the composition in the original sketch, it's a belter.

And WJC tweeted a load of sketches influenced by RETURN OF THE JEDI last night. Handily, he's published them in digest format at his blog today, saving me a load of copying-and-pasting.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Unclog yer blog.

Time to dump all this stuff clogging up the tabs in my browser by sticking it all here.

Lee Bermejo's cover for Vertigo's adaptation of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.  Bermejo was recently on the receiving end of a rather complimentary discussion of his work on the always-amusing Sunnyside Comics (yes, I'm another one who's still listening). No point complaining about this piece being unnecessarily sexualized, 'cuz presumably everyone on the planet knows by now that the entire, mystifyingly successful, Steig Larsson schtick is built on a queasy hypocritical take on sexual violence. "Ooh, isn't this awful? Let's keep looking!"

Meet Diego Gerlach, he's, uh, like a Brazilian Shaky Kane, I suppose (via Seneca).
That date-stamp at the bottom makes me suspicious. Is he a (*gasp*) secret librarian? SECRET LIBRARIAN is also the name of a new crossover series from Marvel, written by Brenda Bendis and drawn by Probably Mike Zeck, debuting June 2012.

Saw this guy over at Joe Bloke's gaffe: Loston Wallace.
His work clearly wears its influences on its sleeve, but he does a nice line in Joe Sinnotty-inks.  Cheers, Joe.

It has long been stated that the quickest way to get a mention on this blog is draw Tank Girl. But Eric Canete and Jim Mahfood know that's a right load of old bollocks.

Sean Phillips draws Edgar Allen Poe as a guy either trying out as a new bassist for The Horrors, or really in need of a haircut.

Nothing like a day freezing one's arse off on a mobile library in a supermarket car-park to make you dream of escaping to Brazil. That, and the fact that Fabio Moon has left me under the impression that the girls there are in a constant state of undress.

Rufus Dayglo draws Tankie for a Tankie. Rufus need never know what awful Freudian keyboard slip I just made while typing his name (what is a Gayglo anyway?).

Assorted linkery: buy Corto Maltese in English! Watch a proud-looking Alan Moore visiting the Occupy kids (and it's not often BBC's featherlight The One Show beats Channel Four News to a story, but let's remember they got there first a few weeks ago with David Lloyd)!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Been caught Soliciting: Dark Horse Comics for April 2012

Every time I feature an Eric Powell piece, I always suffix it with "never feature enough Eric Powell, must run more". I don't make the rules, I just enforce 'em with a huge dopey grin on my face.
Mignola always gives great werewolf. The Wolves Of St. August is probably the high-point of his artwork in that first phase of Hellboy. Y'know, back when he really tortured himself with the detailed inking.
Duncan Fegredo draws a pair of recurring BPRD weirdies going at it. C'mon Daimo! I don't trust that fecking Wendigo.
Dark Horse's iteration of Conan has finally gotten around to the Belit stories. Always loved John Buscema's design for that character, looks like Becky Cloonan has gone in a different, maybe even more sexualised, direction.  And if having Becky Cloonan draw it wasn't enough to sell it to you, there's a cover by John Paul Leon.
All yer proper solicitation text, as usual, is over at CBR.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Blogging about blogging.

A blog chock-full of great art is David Hine's Waiting For Trade (not least because, along with Steve Cook's blog, it's your go-to place for previously unseen Shaky Kane).  His recent entry on Gary Groth's early effort, Fantastic Fanzine, has some great illustrations and vintage con-photos. Cop these: Barry Windsor Smith's Silver Surfer, and Jim Steranko in a positively heroic shirt.

Pure nostalgia hit: Phil Bond

Here's something I intended to post a few days ago when he linked to it on Twitter: Phil Bond revisiting Liz & Pippa from DEADLINE's Wired World.  They're images guaranteed to bring a warm glow to comic fans of a certain age.

Linkatron 3000.

1. My Best Of 2011 post is now up at the FPI Blog.

2. Classic Toth interview up at a website with an unfortunate URL.

3. Watch a decent documentary on the making of The Flaming Lips' classic The Soft Bulletin.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

EAGLE AWARDS nom-nom-noms.

The last time this blog made it to the first stage of nominations for an Eagle Award, I gave you the instruction "vote with your conscience". And look what you went an' done, voted for the usual load of old bollocks. Warren bleedin' Ellis and Rich fucking Johnston and all the usual fucking suspects.

THIS TIME! GO HERE! And vote for the following, or we won't be friends anymore!

Favourite Newcomer Artist: Tiernen Trevallion
Favourite Letterer: Joe Decie
Favourite Editor: Rob Davis/Woodrow Phoenix
Favourite Publisher: Blank Slate Books
Favourite British Comicbook: Colour: Nelson
Favourite European Comicbook: Long John Silver
Favourite 2011 Single Story: Nelson
Favourite 2011 Continued Story: Hellboy: The Storm
Favourite 2011 Original Graphic Novel: Nelson
Favourite 2011 Reprint Compilation: Cradlegrave
Favourite Comics-Related Movie or TV Show: Community
Favourite Comics-Related Website: Bad Librarianship
Roll of Honour: Mick McMahon

And vote with your "conscience" in the other categories, but no deviating in the above categories, no siree Bob! Democracy. Sheep! BAA! BAAA! BAAAA!!