Monday, June 11, 2012

Rennie & Trevallion's ABSALOM: GHOSTS OF LONDON.

I love Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion's Absalom in 2000AD. It's a strip that does that Mignola thing, examining the hinterlands between folklore, history, and horror, but it does it resolutely from a British tradition. It also marries a classic disillusioned UK police procedural tone into this mix, making for a strip that hits all kinds of the right pop culture notes for me. It's like THE SWEENEY rewritten by Ramsey Campbell - Rennie even invokes Jack Regan by name within. Or maybe Ian Rankin having a punch-up with Dennis Wheatley round the back of John Constantine's gaff, if you can forgive me yet another terrible dissimile.

Anyway, now that it's about to be collected as an album, I'm recommending it thoroughly. Buy it, you'll thank me for it, it's the best thing published by Rebellion since CRADLEGRAVE. Here's the cover, and Tiernen successfully manages to condense the strip's entire milieu into one image - it's Scary Old London Town (Cobbles! Spellbooks! Demons!), but it's modern, too (Graffiti! Tesco's bag! Burberry coats! Adidas trackie!).

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