Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pope riffs on Barbarella, Bond riffs on Giffen.

Here's a recurring theme of this blog I haven't revisited in a while - trawling Paul Pope and Phil Bond's Flickrs for new work.

Anyone reading my Twitter feed will have an idea of the calamities that have befallen my family lately - anyway, in reaction to this chain of events, I spent a few hours up in my parents' attic checking on the lifetime of accumulated pop culture errata, mainly to see what I could do without, to be honest. I've been re-reading old copies of DEADLINE and THB ever since. And I threw Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming's HELL ON EARTH on the "to keep" pile. 

Coming soon: more Ebay auctions, I guess. Anyone want a first edition of Hunger Dogs?


Manoj Singh said...

Hi Bug, really thank you for starting this up. Great! Nice!

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Mark Kardwell said...