Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fighting the marginal propensity to consume.

Seen a lot of stuff I've considered buying these last couple of weeks, instead of clearing my credit card balance.

1. "Still Sane" by Incwel. Appeals to my inner iconoclast and some recessive, vestigial, hard-to-kill, Ulster protestantism. God save your mad parade!

2. Alfie Gallagher's Super Beatles. Oh yes. I've got a spot picked out for this 'un.

3. Batman baby-grow. Must brainwash my nephew into the ways of our people.

4. Uncle Ben Caldwell's new sketchbook is out soon. Tasty.

5. Joe Casey and Nathan Fox produced one of my favourite superhero comics of recent years, and so I'll probably release the moths from my wallet for this. RELEASE THE MOTHS!

6. I've never bought an Archie comic in my life, but cop a load of this cover by Fiona Staples. Rock and roll, stops the traffic.

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Alfie Gallagher said...

Thons braw company there