Sunday, May 20, 2012

Unclog your blog II

This has been lurking in a tab on my browser for ages - the first glimpse of Mignola's Hellboy In Hell. Next up - Duncan Wilson's Relic Of A Beer-Swilling Bass God, a title that just meant I had to feature it here. Then, Mike Maiheck's anniversary card for his presumably very tolerant missus.

Oh, and WJC is flogging a lovely looking collection of some of my favourite recent works of his as a little portfolio of postcards. Tasty.


WJC said...

You is a gent, as ever. Thanks. A Klams tattoo for your edition? Or something nautical?

Mark Kardwell said...

A nautical Klams tattoo, perhaps?

WellingtonDrawe said...

Look ma, my own meta tag an everything! Im delighted you gave the pic a mention - chuffed to bits!