Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rory Phillips

A week or two ago, every comic art blog was linking to Rory Phillips' Birds Of Prey redesign for the Superhero Of The Month blog.  I was going to myself, but at the time I was having a minor case of blogger's block. So you might say these are overdue. Fell in love with Rory's work as soon as I saw it, hits just the right note of Phil Bond-iness. Can't go wrong with girls on scooters.

Here's a couple of gig posters he's done for Saucy Yoda:

And a piece of GAME OF THRONES fan-art I saw doing the rounds on Tumblr a while ago:

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joe bloke said...

wow. mustve missed that. hes great, aine? loving the Black Canary ( & you knows what a curmudgeonly old git I can be when they start messing with me old faves. . . ).