Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quitely draws the A (Animal Man) to Z (Zenith) of Grant Morrison

Is it cool to have two posts in a row showcasing Frank Quitely? Yeah, why not? I'm sure I repeat myself all the time these days anyway, with multiple What Not re-blogs (whatever happened to those guys?). Here's a fun illustration he's knocked out (hurr) for PLAYBOY to accompany a passingly controversial interview they've done with Grant Morrison. "Passingly", as it's just reiterating stuff that came out a good while ago in the book SUPERGODS, but the Baby Men legions are a lot more likely to read a porn mag than a hardback book, after all. This is the largest scan of it I could scalp offa the internet, but if anyone has a bigger 'un, send it along, because the fun resides in the details. Cop those fingernails! *UPDATE* Massive scans can be found over at Andy Lee's Flickr.

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Larger scans here