Friday, April 20, 2012

Local news.

Another UK comics publisher is born: Great Beast. You'll recognize their founders' work from assorted UK anthologies and web-comics, I'm sure. I don't think I've ever featured Adam Cadwell here before (which makes him probably the only member of the sub-set "cartoonists with a name that sounds like mine" I haven't), though I've always liked his style. Best of luck to them, they've kicked off with a helluva mission statement.

I've had  WJC's Passenger Of The Day Season One print up just inside my front door, and everyone who enters my house stops to peruse it, and marvel. It's a work that rewards repeat viewing, and now Season Two is back from the printers. Available at a convention near you from tomorrow morning, I guess.

Finally, a little film about Chris Weston. Watching it, you'd almost be of the impression that he was spectacularly zen-like:

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WJC said...

Thanks Mark. Very pleased to here its getting some attention, hope Season 2 goes down as well.