Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday evening stuff.

Just wanted to share a few images. The first is a photograph I just came across on Faceberk, the prototype for the "Metallic K.O." alternate finish for the Johnny Marr signature Jaguar from Fender. It reminds me of the finish of an old '66 Candy Apple Red Jazzmaster I had, which I sold on Ebay a few years ago, becoming the basis for the ISA account that became the deposit on my house (alongside the Epic Moebiuses and the NBM Corto Malteses which also paid for the roof over my head).  As the red topcoat degrades, the sparkly gold underlayer beneath starts to bloom through it. It's a bloody gorgeous effect, and I wish Fender would use it on a few budget models soon.

Next - hey, remember that last cover Mick McMahon did for 2000AD, the Tharg image? One of the marvels about that was looking at the inking McMahon did on Tharg's boilersuit. The shadows cast by the wrinkles and folds of material were delineated so lovingly, inked so unctuously.  I found myself staring at them for minutes on end.  Well, the good news. This seems to be turning into Mick's new bag: cop these samples from his short in the second volume of Self Made Hero's LOVECRAFT ANTHOLOGY collections.

Mmm, wrinkles. As much as I love it when McMahon's art exasperates idiots, I also love seeing Mick working a current style that's so glossy and accessible.

Finally - a UK artist draws a Moebius homage that is a Grubert rather than an Arzach! Plus, John Welding's memories of Giraud are touchingly personal.

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