Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tuesday Night Allsorts

1. Plenty of people on't internets quoting from this new interview with Alan "The Human Soundbite" Moore, but my favourite is "Yeah, I know that people think I've been terribly mean to the poor little American comics industry.  It's so unfair when you think about it, isn't it, that you've got a barely-educated fuck from the English midlands picking upon this huge multinational corporation.  You know, I ought to be ashamed of myself."

2. Oh, come on. Who wouldn't buy the f*ck out of a series based on this sketch of Nick Fury debuted tonight on Twitter by Ben Caldwell? Unfortunately, we know the editorial team at The House That Jack Built are too chicken to commission anything that interesting. B'KAWK!

3. Finding it almost impossible to do an entry these days that doesn't link to at least one recent post over at What Not.  Now they've recruited Phil Bond to their ranks, this problem will only get worse. This time, however, it's Cory Walker's tribute to Mike Mignola that makes the cut, an image which manages to be simultaneously apropos and hilarious.

4.  Spent a sizeable portion of my evening hacking through the last couple of day's worth of backlog in my Google Reader, and a large subsection of that was tributes to Moebius by friends, admirers and collaborators alike. Dave Taylor's was a particularly heartfelt example.  While many of the tribute sketches by artists have featured assorted takes on the White Pteron of Arzach, I liked these two - Adrian Salmon's characterful Blueberry, and Tim Hamilton trying to invoke the playful mentality of the man more than his style with a particularly bonkers Starwatcher.  And for lots of examples of just how great Giraud was right to the end of his working life, there's plenty of examples from his last couple of projects here.

5. And talking of bonkers, here's a mash-up someone commissioned Dan McDaid to do. That's right. They asked for this, and presumably paid for it, too.

6.  I like this, even for the slightly dodgy anatomy - Frank Frazetta's golden age Ghost Rider cover (via).

7. A higher-than-you-might-have-seen-res version of the Simon Bisley cover for a recently solicited issue of HELLBLAZER, care of its owner, a certain Mr Greg Staples (via).

8.  Be like me and own a house-full of Dan McDaid original art!

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