Sunday, March 11, 2012

Links, art, sadness, anger, etc.

1. Jean "Moebius" Giraud died yesterday, one of the cornerstones of my personal theology. This was the first piece of his art I remember seeing, though I'm sure it probably really wasn't.  It was the piece that certainly inspired me to seek out as much of his work as I possibly could, though - the cover art to the second volume of the Epic reprints, from 1987, if memory serves.

2. Here's Cliff Chiang's tribute to the man, from the What Not sketch blog.
3. These last few years, it's been great to see yet another generation of artists and critics falling for Gir's work. The critic who's fallen hardest is probably our homeboy Sean Witzke, and his reaction to the news made great reading.  I hope publishers realise the hunger out there for Anglophone versions of Moebius's works, and cash in greedily on the wave of inevitable interest.

4. I read this at Tony "Riot" Wright's Tumblr and felt righteous fury rising: Brett Ewins is an unwell man being victimised by the Metropolitan Police, and we can't idly stand by.


Alfie Gallagher said...

Regarding the Ewins situation, there seems to be a bit of an air of lets stand back and let the law takes it course and wait until all facts are in. I feel Im putting my neck out on the line as this is only my gut personal bias reaction, which you could argue is uninformed, but the situation is shocking. Heres a man who needs considered specialist care and help who ends up with a jack boot on his neck which unfortunately has shades of one of the characters hes most renowned for drawing. And from reading that blog link, he seems to be being squeezed through some hellish Brazil-style scenario now. I know this probably isnt the correct place for this rant but this whole scenario has bothered me since details came out.

Mark Kardwell said...