Sunday, March 18, 2012

I can't quit you baby.

Christ, I know this reblogging What Not entries is now beyond a joke. It's a full-on addiction. A sickness. Worse, it's becoming a cliche. But those buggers over there are so good, man. Fegredo homages Giraud (I'd been tempted to run Devilpig's and Mickey Allred's, too, but thought I really should put limits on my larceny), and his boss, Mickey Mignola.

So if we're content just idling through some classic Bad Librarianship tropes, howzabout Brendan McCarthy's cover for 2000AD prog 1775? Subscribers have been getting this through their postboxes these last couple of days, I'll be waiting until Wednesday for my copy.  I find this wait uncomfortable. Staring at this image the other night, I did have a particularly stupid thought: Hey, Jimmy Lee! You should totally rip off Brendan's design here for the new Earth Two Doctor Fate!

And while I'm feeling comfortable just banging through a bunch of work by creators I regularly cover, here's one that manages to cover a couple of bases - Ben Caldwell drawing a character created by WJC!

No point linking to the awesome PROMETHEUS trailer, as I'm sure you've all seen it in glorious HD and pored over every beautiful frame, so have this instead.

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