Sunday, February 19, 2012

More of the same.

1. Edmund Bagwell drew Hellboy and I missed it at the time. How'd that happen? I reckon that illustration shows what I mean when I describe him to U.S. acquaintances as belonging to the same school as Michael Golden or Chris Sprouse. Of course, Bag-E has more than just that in his locker, including the best Kirby impersonation in the business. 2. I really should investigate some way to automatize the reblogging of Fegredo's contributions to Whatnot, with some randomly generated hyperbole. 3. Mick McMahon's alternate cover to the 2000AD 35th birthday issue. Holy hell, look at the inks on that Tharg figure. 4. I was tempted to include Dave Johnson's cover for the first issue of Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov's new FURY MAX series here, but then I didn't bother. Still a bit cross with the house of mouse. I'm terribly fond of everyone involved though. Anyway, let's make it up to big Dave by including his latest Whatnot-ism: saw the line art of this on Twitter the other day, but he's polished 'er up nicely since.

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