Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Hey mate, me Space Spinner is in yer garden. Can I have it back?"

Today is 2000AD's 35th birthday? Big whoop, who celebrates turning 35? Get back to us when yer 40, like a normal grown-up.

Ash Wood rolls out his Ro-Jaws toy in March - oh, for a time machine to bring it to my eight-year-old self. And Adam Warren's Judge Anderson: as I keep saying, Warren is one of the best hard-SF writers in American comics; he could fit in at 2000AD quite easily, given the chance.


Richard Bensam said...

Total agreement re Adam Warrens SF writing skills. I cant think of anyone else published in American comics whose science fiction satisfies me nearly as much. However, that drawing makes me wish hed draw more than one female face. Thats not even remotely Judge Anderson -- thats Emp (or any other Warren girl) dressed up in a Judge uniform.

(N.B.: Im a fan of his! This doesnt bother me nearly so much when hes drawing his own characters and you go along with the conceit.)

Paul Tobin said...

Yeah, it doesnt seem like 35 years does it? Nice post.

Mark Kardwell said...

Aye, youre right Richard, but to be fair, the date on that sketch does pre-date EMPOWERED, surely?