Thursday, February 09, 2012

Free the GHOST RIDER one.

I genuinely wish that one day would go by this month without Big Comics pulling some shitty reprehensible stroke.  Christ, poor Gary Friedrich. $17K is a drop in the water to Disney, but a matter of life-and-death to an out of work freelance writer.

As we all probably know, this blog has a special relationship with Ghost Rider. Just what the hell next? Chasing Alan Vega and Martin Rev down for the royalties from their first album?

Update: if you would like to donate some money to Gary, Steve Niles has started a Paypal link over at his blog, alongside a note from Friedrich expressing his desire to fight on.

Further update: McConnell Art have been running fund-raising auctions.


Brigonos said...

So Marvel didnt actually win their legal argument, they just bankrupted Friedrich into settling a counter-suit?

That throws suspicion upon the validity of their claims of full ownership, for my money. Friedrichs loophole seems an oddly specific one to have just pulled out of his arse.

Reds said...

I had been tempted to check out the new Ghost Rider flick, decided to denote my ticket money to this instead. Thanks for the link Mark.