Friday, February 03, 2012

Brendan McCarthy revisits the STRANGE DAYS cast.

Pal (and frequent source) for this blog David Rees recently commissioned Brendan McCarthy to draw some old favourites. When David sent me a scan of the pencil rough last year he said "Brendan hardly ever does this sort of thing". Brendan in fact called this piece "his first commission".  At this rate I'll soon forgive David for outbidding me on that Atlantis page Sean Phillips sold a few years ago.

Nice to see that fakkin' hooligan Martin 'Atchet from SKIN popping up in the bottom right of the finished version.

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David Rees said...

Thanks for sticking that up, Mark. I had no idea this was Brendans first commission (mine too); maybe its just the first hes agreed to. If I was his financial advisor, Id certainly be against him doing more - he did admit to getting a bit carried away with this (and it shows).

One other nice detail is the headline of the paper that Rudcliff is reading: Moby Train is a reference to the Milligan & McCarthy Electick Hoax strip that ran in Sounds in 1978 (something I only spotted after David Hine posted those episodes recently).

Anyway, Im floored by what Brendan did here; such a treat for an old McCarthy fan.

Ive a few other pieces here: