Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Assorted gear.

Here's some stuff some of my Usual Suspects tweeted these last couple of days: WJC draws Dracula for The Mooks' Draw Hammer meme (honorable mention: Faz Choudrey's uncomfortably sexy Ralph Bates likeness), and some of Duncan Fegredo's sketches from last weekend's London Super-Duper Con. Still of the opinion that science needs to clone multiple Fegredos, so we can have him draw a Hellboy, a Batman and a The Hulk comic every month. Ben Caldwell has joined Twitter, and he's using it to flog sketches on a first-come-first-served basis, check out his Catwoman.  Something about the line he's using on that 'un reminds me of Patrick McEown. Dan McDaid is another Hulk-lover, and anticipates him stealing every scene he's in the AVENGERS movie. And Becky Cloonan has done a gig poster for some friends of hers.

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WJC said...

That is some splendid company im keeping up there, thanks!