Sunday, January 15, 2012

Milligan/McCarthy's THE ELECTRIC(K) HOAX

Again: for anyone watching my blog but not following David Hine's - and if not, why not? - tonight he's ran a bunch of scans of The Electrick Hoax, the 1978 strip Pete Milligan and Brendan McCarthy did for long-deceased music weekly SOUNDS. It was of-its-time and fairly terrible, but of hysterical historical interest to a lot of you, I'd presume.  There's a few visual clues there to the later preoccupations of this team. 

Anyone out there got any scans of THE NEWS ON SUNDAY's Summer Of Love by Pete and Brendan, from 1987? I think I've only ever seen one week's edition of that strip, and damned if I could be bothered heading over to Colindale Avenue to view 'em.

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