Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chris Weston covers Bolland for 2000AD's 35th birthday celebrations.

I don't often twock a story from Pete Well's 2000AD covers blog, mainly because Pete and I regularly have far-diverging tastes. I don't feel the need to name names. On this we can agree, though: the glory of Chris Weston's update of the classic Bolland design for the fondly-remembered Eagle Comics' 2000AD Monthly #1.  My cousin Geoff had that 'un, and I coveted it mightily.

Here Chris rightly prioritises characters from the last few years who have themselves became classics (Harry Absalom, Zombo, Dirty Frank, Shakara, etc).  I know I regularly make little digs at Current Tharg, but he's largely been steering the old ship in the right direction.

Update: Noticed last night that Chris has drawn himself, dead centre, into his composition as Titus Defoe. Cheeky!


Robert said...

Splendid cover - even if I only recognise about a third of the characters - is that Visible Man centre stage? Boy, thats obscure.

Great use of term twocking, by the way, Mark.

Ade Salmon said...

Interested in seeing the McMahon Alt cover myself.


David Rees said...

Centre stage is Zombo - one of the greats of recent years. Fantastic cover by a great artist, and a lovely nod backwards while recognising the talent Tharg has at his disposal right now.

Alfie Gallagher said...

Sweet. Its nice in a way not to have the Bolland art droid associated with the early years redo-ing this and someone from more recent years (well the last 20 years anyway) updating it. Dont look back and all that.

Mark Kardwell said...

Ade - as soon as I see it anywhere myself, Ill be twocking it straight away too.