Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brendan McCarthy & Pete Milligan's SUMMER OF LOVE

After I mentioned how I'd only ever seen one installment of Pete & Brendan's Sunday newspaper strip SUMMER OF LOVE (in Rufus Dayglo's Comicartfan gallery), David Rees emailed me with a scan of a second.  Here's both, and if anybody comes across any more, email 'em in and I'll post them here, too.

Everyone involved with THE NEWS ON SUNDAY usually roll their eyes when the subject is brought up. It may have been an amateurish set-up, a total misfire and a grand failure, but one thing they got right was commissioning comic strip talent. The second strip that ran there was SCATHA, by Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry - you can see four of the seven published strips at this Bear Alley entry from 2008.


Sean Phillips said...

Ive got clippings of all seven episodes, give us time and Ill send you scans. I remember seeing all the original art for sale in Comic Showcase in London years ago, along with the unpublished eighth one. Went back the next day to buy them but I was too late!

Mark Kardwell said...

Result! Cheers Sean.

Alfie Gallagher said...

It looks like Sooner or Later scrubbed up a bit.