Thursday, January 12, 2012

Been caught Soliciting: Dark Horse Comics for April 2012

Every time I feature an Eric Powell piece, I always suffix it with "never feature enough Eric Powell, must run more". I don't make the rules, I just enforce 'em with a huge dopey grin on my face.
Mignola always gives great werewolf. The Wolves Of St. August is probably the high-point of his artwork in that first phase of Hellboy. Y'know, back when he really tortured himself with the detailed inking.
Duncan Fegredo draws a pair of recurring BPRD weirdies going at it. C'mon Daimo! I don't trust that fecking Wendigo.
Dark Horse's iteration of Conan has finally gotten around to the Belit stories. Always loved John Buscema's design for that character, looks like Becky Cloonan has gone in a different, maybe even more sexualised, direction.  And if having Becky Cloonan draw it wasn't enough to sell it to you, there's a cover by John Paul Leon.
All yer proper solicitation text, as usual, is over at CBR.

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Miklós Felvidéki said...

AWESOMENESS. Tons of Lobster Johnson.