Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alan Davis draws Captain Britain, again.

I've been in an Alan Davis-y mood all day, since seeing this, this morning.

One of the reasons I love an Alan Davis illustration of Captain Britain above those of any other artist is the fact that Davis draws him with a default facial expression of confusion. And when he's not confused, he's scared. Or occasionally furious. But seldom stoic.

Thank Merlin the original Davis-era costume design is back. That MI:13 Hitch-job was too (inadvertently, I presume) kinky, turning the Union Jack motif into an arrow pointing directly to the wearer's wedding tackle.


Mikeyboy said...

DAVIS IS WORKING ON cAPTAIN aMERICA NOW TOO....The two issues Ive seen so far are phenomical! He is the perfect blend of John Buscema and Neal Adams while maintaining a completely unique unto himself originality to his work. For my money Alan Davis is one of the greats and seserves to sit alongside all the greats in the comic book artist/creator hall of fame! Keep rocking Al!

Mikeyboy said...

sorry for all the typos

Jason Garrattley said...

I have a fondness for Davis 11 issue run on Batman and the Outsiders, which has sadly never been available on a collected trade paperback.

Mark Kardwell said...

Yeah, Alan is in a direct line of classicists, Ill always have a soft spot for his work. Even if I couldnt be bothered paying for it.

Dan McDaid said...

Excellent observation on Alans Cap - never noticed that before.

I met Mr Davis at a Dundee mini-con a few years ago, and he was really nice, very quiet, really modest about his work. Even a little awkward, if Im being honest. But the work he was displaying on the screen behind him was the complete opposite - kinetic, inventive, confident. It was like he was showing us his secret identity, his hidden, powerful, inner self. It was bloody great.