Saturday, December 31, 2011

Too damned cute.

Zac Gorman's X-mas gift to his girlfriend. Here's hoping he flogs prints of it on Etsy.

I recently watched those two Deathly Hallows adaptations. Sure, I've always attested those movies meant nothing to me. They were nothing like the Harry Potter movies playing in my head as I read those books. No, I didn't cry when Dobby died. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Happy new year from Edmund Bagwell.

Let's see how long we can all hold our resolve.

Comics Group Comics are my new favourite publisher.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Interview: Rob Davis on NELSON.

My interview with Rob Davis about NELSON is up now, over at Comic Book Resources. I'll try and make this my last word on the subject.  Other than "it's my book of the year, from my publisher of the year, and you really all must try and read a copy".

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X-mas pt.V - Christmas past

Mickey Mignola just posted this on Twitter. Which got me thinking of this, by Kev Walker, recently posted on Steve Cook's amazing blog Secret Oranges.

Steve's blog is a treasure trove, including of late lots of seasonal art from Christmas cards sent by Marvel, DC and 2000AD.

Merry X-mas pt.IV: More Christmas.

From PJ Holden
From Dave Taylor
From Warwick Johnson Cadwell
From Craig Conlan
From Adam Law
From Louise Evans & Jonathan Edwards
From Phil Bond

Did I miss anybody?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry X-mas pt.III - music

1. You've all heard The Klams' X-mas single Hey Rudolph, right?

2. Get Akira The Don's X-mas long player Saturnalia Superman down yer neck. Satan, Sexmas, Jimmy Saville... it's the good shit.

3. It's about this time of the year when I unleash my Spotify playlist of my favourite tracks of the year, innit? So here it is - Tunes I've been humming in 2011 (Bonus link - 2010's is still damned fine, too)

Merry X-Mas 2011 pt.II

From Chris Weston

From Edmund Bagwell

From Tiernen Trevallion
From John Hoffman
From Kev Levell
From Colin Lorimer

From Simon Allison

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas from Brendan McCarthy

As usual, Brendan proves to be the earliest with his seasonal E-card.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been caught soliciting: DC Comics for March 2012

Some nice cover art this go-around, including my monthly dose of Biz's STABBY-MAN! Stabby-Man, Stabby-Man, stabs whatever a stabber can!

I was tempted to run an earlier version of this image when the lovely Dave Taylor ran it at his blog a while ago, but I waited, and here's the finished cover for his and Chip Kidd's Batman OGN, DEATH BY DESIGN. It's a beauty.

I'm not the world's biggest Jim Lee fan, but I do like this piece, it's got character, even if that's a most unladylike pose.

Rafael Grampa drawing the cover of a Denys Cowan comic? Even if it's complete bollocks, it'll be great looking.

I've been avoiding spoiling myself on SPACEMAN at all, all the more so to enjoy the inevitable collected edition. Love this cover by Dave Johnson, though.

You know the boom in UK graphic novel publishing must be making some impact with US commissioning editors when they start poaching talent, and Ian Culbard has been snatched up by Vertigo. The comic he's working on, THE NEW DEADWARDIANS, sounds like a hoot - a class struggle between posh vampires and proletariat zombies, written by pun-king Dan Abnett, of whom any 2000AD fan will tell you has been in a rich vein of form for the last couple of years.


Vampires - vein. Heh. I don't just throw this shit together, you know.

Lovely stuff found knocking about my desktop/browser/the internet.

Sir Duncan Fegredo's Dark Hellboy sketch he posted recently on Twitter. Seems entirely wrong to call it a "sketch":

From his blog earlier today, Neill "Mo-Bot High" Cameron's giant robot Judge Dredd:

Robert Valley is getting back into the swing of blogging.  After his work on trailers for GUITAR HERO and ROCK BAND: THE BEATLES, Valley has became something of a go-to guy for rock illustration. Here's his Zep...
...and here's Mike Avon Oeming's Pagey, from the What Not blog. It's a suitably thunderous composition, but there's an obvious problem with this image - he's stuck Percy Plant's rune on a drawing of Page The Mage. Change it to a Zoso, Mike!

George Lucas has commissioned some great new STAR WARS art by some top comickers for a new book from Harry Abrams. Which reminds me, when are Harry Abrams' new Corto Maltese translations coming out? Haven't heard much about that for a while. Anyway, stay off the tangent, Mark - here's a lovely piece by Frank Quitely:

STAR WARS also remains a rich vein of inspiration for the man we call WJC:
...and for Phil Bond, too, heading into JAKe-ish territory:

..and remember Patrick McQuade's "Hothy Christmas" from last year? He's got new designs joining it this year, including this - "You've Lando-ed On The Nice-List This Year":

And PJ Holden linked to this classic piece of Wood-work on Twitter last night. I'm guessing this was a lifestyle mag for hip astronauts-around-town.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hey, I've just turned forty.

It's my birthday. Edmund Bagwell has sent this along to help mark the occasion, bless him. The likeness is uncanny.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

What do you want for Christmas?

Me, I wouldn't mind one of Rufus Dayglo's gyclee Tank Girl prints. Preferably the least expletive-laden one, justin casey.

Dredd heads

Robert Ball posted this lovely bit of vector art up at his blog recently, as good a redesign of Dredd's headgear as I've ever seen.

Francesco Francavilla has made good on his promise to post more Dredd work up at Comic Twart:

And one more for good luck - Dave Johnson's bobble-head Dredd. He's an angry little man with a huge head and a zip that goes right down to his balls.

And I see Rebellion have a new Dredd game out for yr fancy phones. (Via Pye Parr)

ZAUCER OF ZILK imminent.

Always good to see a Brendan McCarthy project make that jump from theoretical to actual. Good interview with The Subliminal Kid up on the subject, over at CBR now.