Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fegredo does SKYRIM, Francavilla does DREDD.

Here's What Not, another of dem der' sketch jam blogs, as in the style of the great Comic Twart or Eclectic Micks. This one has a hell of a line up of talent contributing (as in: holy shit, Bill Sienkiewicz!), and in this case, Sir Duncan Fegredo showing us what's been taking up his time lately.

And speaking of the now-venerable Comic Twart, here's Francesco Francavilla doing a typically design-savvy piece on this week's theme, Judge Dredd. The theme was picked by Bad Librarianship-favourite, Dan McDaid, who's doodled many great Dredds on all sorts of scrap paper and envelopes for me, and I'll bloomin' scan them all for you some day. I would have done it months ago, but Canon won't release 64 bit drivers for my beloved old Lide.  Anyway, getting back to my point - Tharg, hire Dan McDaid to draw a Dredd sometime! What's taking ya, Green Bonce?

Also: process fans - cop to Where They Draw.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Joe Decie proposes via the medium of comics.

Joe's proposal was a lot subtler's than Leigh Gallagher's, but just as effective.

I read Blank Slate's compilation of a load of Joe's strips, THE ACCIDENTAL SALAD, a while back and loved it: recommended to fans of Eddie Campbell or James Kochalka's autobiographical work.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tomorrow's links today.

1. Buy Alfie Gallagher's Christmas cards.

2. Listen to David Lynch's new LP. It's good!

3. Read an interview with Frank Quitely.

4. Joe Bloke wants to punch Frank Miller.

5. The mainstream continues to cotton-on to the boom in original graphic novels published in the UK: Creative Review covers Self Made Hero's HELLRAISERS.

Blowing your mind with some Edmund Bagwell.

When I recently complimented the art-droid sometimes known as Bag-E on the amazing Bewilderbeast stampede sequence in the latest run of 2000AD's Indigo Prime, he kindly sent me along some digital files of these pages, shorn of John Smith's space-beatnik-jive ("she's not used to dragging baryonic ballast like this!"). I reckon Tharg won't send me a Rigellian Hotshot for sharing this selection with you. These pages are, of course, in no particular order (thanks to Blogger's spectacularly unresponsive controls), and from Progs 1756-1758.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Blogger inevitably finds the link between his two favourite things.

Dunno how I missed this at Comic Twart first time around, only seeing it when io9 flagged it up in the last couple of days, especially bearing in mind how popular The Stooges and Jack Kirby are around these parts. Tom Fowler's Kamandi.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

From the file marked "'About Time!"

While I'm on a Frank Quitely streak: the final cover for the FLEX MENTALLO collection, as revealed via the good burghers of Robot Six. A rather masterful use of the aul trademark Morrison/Deighan "4D comics" approach.