Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a bunch of Hawklords.

Well, if we weren't Prog Rock before, we're definitely Prog Rock now.

  Urban Guerrilla by Klams

Catch more Klams at their online virtual bunker.

Monday, September 19, 2011

S'occuper de ses oignons.

I'm not dead, but I am very busy. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but here's some stuff that's been piling up in tabs in my browser window of late.

Do go out and pre-order THE STORM AND THE FURY. It's bloody amazing. Unconditionally guaranteed. Also, there's a new Mignola-drawn short in the latest issue of DARK HORSE PRESENTS to be solicited (#7). Full Dark Horse solicitations are over at CBR.

The latest Image solicitations (again, see 'em all at CBR) features this: a collection of Rian Hughes' TALES FROM BEYOND SCIENCE shorts, originally from 2000AD in the early Nineties.

Post-ROME and SPARTACUS, I'm becoming quite a sucker for new po-mo sword-and-sandal epics. I'll probably get this, then: THE LAST BATTLE by Tito Faraci (who's been writing DIABOLIK in Italy for the last decade or so) and Dan Brereton, a perennial favourite of mine.

Saw this in house ads in recent 2000AD product, a collection of Future Shocks given to new subscribers as a freebie. I liked the style of the guy, so I asked one of Tharg's minions who drew it: the guy is called Grant Perkins, and he wanted his colourist, Jamie Roberts, credited. It's nice work, I'd like to see more of the guy in the prog.

I am, of course, the information professional of choice for the Grime scene. Lethal Bizzle regularly stops by here to get his photocopying done, and I'm close personal friends with those two little fellas who keep trying to sound like Kanye West. But my favourite will always be Akira The Don. Here's the video for his new single, which fills me with sheer pop joy.

Dan McDaid has unleashed a fair few lovely bits and pieces on his blog (and some damned good, 'bout time-style news) while I've been off-air, but this is also full of sheer pop joy. Harry Potter. On a unicorn. Flying out of the TARDIS.
And in the "so good I just had to own the original art" files, it's WJC's most inevitable team-up ever.