Friday, July 29, 2011

Mike Allred's YOJIMBO triptych.

Three iterations of (pretty much) the same character, as drawn by the Doc.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Been caught soliciting: Marvel, October, 2011.

When I saw a solicitation for a NEXTWAVE character, featuring a rather good NEXTWAVE-y cover by Juan Doe; written by a writer with a name so preposterous, it could only be pseudonymous; with a most curiously bone-dry solicitation blurb, I started to get suspicious. Could Warren Ellis be playing some obtuse prank on us all? But no, it turns out there really is a writer out there called "Dennis Hopeless". Honest. Best of luck with that one, young man.

I remember loving the Stern/Smith Dr Strange run a lot as a young 'un. Then Smith left, and Badger took over, and I liked that, too. But Stern left, and Peter Gillis took over, and Badger absconded quickly, too. The title died on its arse after that, and was folded into a split-book with Cloak & Dagger, with the venerable Marvel name STRANGE TALES. I love a split-book, and this one usually had great covers, by Kevin Nowlan or even Mike Mignola, and let's all remember comics were dirt-cheap back then, so I bought quite a few issues, but I do recall the book's contents as being pretty dreadful. Which leads me to the question: why are Marvel reprinting them? No-one in the creative team has suddenly been reappraised or became hot. Maybe it's because it was an earlier attempt at doing a darker, de-powered Strange, like the one Bendis is writing these days. I'll go ahead and just presume that this is part of a decision to create a sufficient Dr. Strange back-list for whenever the inevitable movie adaptation is announced. Anyway, less cynicism, more nice vintage Kevin Nowlan art.

Anyway, less ruminatin': the whole lot are up to see at CBR.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


The best news I've heard from this year's SDCC blah-fest is that Fantagraphics have obtained the EC Comics license, and will be using it to repackage the classic marque's back catalogue into collections based around individual creators, rather than around the various anthologies that originally housed the material, "to better underline [the] specific artistic achievements of [the] creators".  Here's hoping this helps sustain a momentum that prompts all publishers to treat their own anthologies in such a way, so that DC could publish a Showcase entirely dedicated to Wally Wood, Alex Toth or Frank Robbins, for instance.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Low, low ticket price for the AL EWING versus MATT BADHAM bout.

2000AD's Al Ewing is having a bare-knuckle fight in a pub car-park in Manchester with Brit-Cit comics journo Matt Badham tomorrow night at 6.30. Apparently Matt spilled Al's pint.  There's a guy at the gate collecting 2 a head.  Details in full here. I'd advise to get there early, 'cus Matt's a bleeder.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Phil Bond's Batgirl

I think I detect a little Robert Crumb influence on this.

Via PJB's solid gold Flickr account.

Been caught soliciting: DC Comics, October 2011.

Written by Various
Art by JACK KIRBY and others
On sale OCTOBER 26 96 pg, FC, $7.99 US
With the JACK KIRBY OMNIBUS VOL. 1 STARRING GREEN ARROW HC on the way, DC presents this selection of Kirby mystery stories from the 1950s, pulled from the pages of HOUSE OF SECRETS #3, 8 and 12, HOUSE OF MYSTERY #76, TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED #13, 1 and 24 and MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #15, 16 17, 20 and 21, plus a Green Arrow tale from ADVENTURE COMICS #251!

Must admit, when I first saw that cover image out of the corner of my eye, I thought it said "the stone genitals of Silent Island", which would be a fantastic comic book. 

Written by STEVE DITKO, LEN WEIN, PAUL LEVITZ, MARK MILLAR and others Art by STEVE DITKO and others Cover by STEVE DITKO
On sale DECEMBER 14 384 pg, FC, $59.99 US
Collecting tales by artist Steve Ditko from SHOWCASE #75, THE HAWK AND THE DOVE #1-2, MAN-BAT #1, DETECTIVE COMICS #483-485 and 487, ADVENTURE COMICS #467-468, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #267, 268, 274, 276 and 281, OUTSIDERS #13, LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE 80-PAGE GIANT #1 and the TALES OF THE NEW GODS TP. 

That's a lot of money for some less-than-classic comics, but still... tempted.

New SF from the 100 BULLETS team. This resides in the "must buy" files.

Tasteful Rafael Grampa cover for an interesting sounding anthology featuring some new work by The Funky Dave Gibbons.

There's also another one o'dem Vertigo Resurrected collections featuring some neglected classic Peter Milligan coming, but the work in it seems rather randomly collated.  As I keep saying on Twitter, why not collect the FACE one-shot he did with Sir Duncan Fegredo, and pack it out with the shorts they did together for various anthologies? Or include GIRL and call it a Milligan/Fegredo omnibus?

Monday, July 18, 2011

"The Shatner's really hit the fan now. I'm up Dawson's Creek without a paddle."

Dan McDaid draws the Sci-Fi crossover the world didn't even know it was waiting for - Space Ghost Versus Aliens.

Via ComicTwart.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Been caught soliciting: Image, October 2011.

Joe Casey gets to work with some rather tasty artists, doesn't he?

More sexy glossy work from Viktor Kalvachev. No idea if this comic is any good, but all the preview art looks great, so I've been waiting for the trade patiently.

All the rest are up at CBR, of course.

Other crap you could expect from Marvel if I was E.I.C.

and Moon on X-MEN.

And an oldie but a goodie: Rafael Grampá's Daredevil.
Javi Godoy deserves a crack at The Hulk, after this.
Marvel doesn't have the Red Sonja license any more, but still... Dan Panosian! He gets odd jobs from the big two, but I'd give him the keys to the kingdom.

Well, I'd have bought it.

You people really need to work harder on your campaign to replace Joe Quesada with me, if you want comics like this to happen.

Via the reliable TSOBM.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bisley is as Bisley does.

This comic sounds dreadful ("Deathstrokes tactical prowess is put to the test when the man who hired him attempts to renege on the contract. Pitted against a salvo of new assassins, including the vicious Road Rage, Slade must take his giant sword to the 405 freeway and proclaim himself the most vicious killer in the city of Angels!"), but the cover is AMAZING.

The inevitable Hellboy/SONS OF ANARCHY crossover...

...comes from the hand of Duncan Fegredo. So it's practically official.

We're big fans of SONS OF ANARCHY in our family. Despite never even owning a moped in my life,  I come from a family of dirty hairy stinking bikers. A lot of my friends are loud, larger-than-life, have hard livers, and are downright freaky looking. I used to share a house with a guy who had a nylon testicle.  I've read a copy of Hunter Thompson's HELL'S ANGELS that was stolen from the Maghaberry prison library. I studied HAMLET at school. I can relate to the SAMCRO crew.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Been caught soliciting: Dark Horse, October 2011.

It's a good month for tasty Mignola covers, with the cream of the crop being this 'un:

Devilpig seemed a bit miffed when I didn't feature his last Abe Sapien cover, but this one is a belter:

It strikes me that, while Eric Powell is a personal favourite, I seldom feature his work on this blog. Strange, that:

A hardcover collection of every one of Evan Dorkin's MILK AND CHEESE strips? That's a must for every self-respecting hater's shelf space:

Read the lot (ooh, the last ever issue of FEAR AGENT!) at CBR.

Another The Klams/David Wynne/Marvel Comics/Massey Ferguson high speed collision

  The Klams - Black Knight by Klams

What next? "Iron Man"? "Sgt. Fury"?

Nigel Auchterlounie on The News Of The World

Seemed fitting to shine a light on this, on the day of the (god, I hope) last ever edition of The News Of The World: Nigel Auchterlounie's take on the phone hacking scandal currently afflicting the dirty digger.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Some good lookin' new Brendan McCarthy work.

Over at The Strangeness Of..., John has debuted a couple of pieces by the Subliminal Kid from upcoming releases - the cover for a new book devoted to the fondly-remembered innovative animation REBOOT, and a strip for ROCKETEER ADVENTURES in tribute to the man we may consider directly responsible for STRANGE DAYS, Dave Stevens. I note it's written by John Arcudi, co-author of the most consistently good comic in the mainstream, B.P.R.D.  I love how these few panels give us a clue to how the McCarthy/Cook team have adapted their current psychedigital style to the more muted palette of the strip's time frame.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Gabriel Bá draws The Killjoys.

I'm no expert on My Chemical Romance other than I know that when a friend took his kids to see them play in Belfast a while ago, he reported back that Gerard Way was in a spectacularly foul mood all night.  Aw, diddums. Here's a pin-up of MCR's alter-egos, The Killjoys, by Way's regular comics collaborator, Gabriel Bá.

If you can make me laugh and dance at the same time...

...I'm yours.

Soup du Jour du DeviantArt

Stuff I saw while recently trawling DeviantArt.

Chris Brunner, Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian.