Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Other stuff in my RSS feed I've liked today V.

Also starring "stuff from my inbox", "a guy I recently came across on Tumblr", and "thing I just saw on Twitter".

Phil Bond's "Rebel, Rebel". That man is never happier than when he's drawing a spacegirl in a helmet.

From The Pictorial Arts: Ludwig Hohlwein Tachometerwerke 1920

A Thomas Perkins' turnaround for the great Captain Marvel redesign in the recent AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES cartoon.  As good as the current Bachalo design is, this is better, and should make the jump over to the comics.

And some more recent Brendan McCarthy, for the hell of it.

Oh, and nearly forgot this; Paul Pope gets Freudian.

Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011.

I think my earliest memory of watching DOCTOR WHO was seeing a repeat of the last episode of Planet Of The Spiders, a week or two before The Face Of Evil first aired, as a terrified nipper.  My memory may well be lying to me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brendan McCarthy on Street Art.

Brendan writes:
A strong new trend in the underground graffiti scene is the use of comics based on British imagery and artists. The street art collective IFC is developing a whole set of original characters to build a "graphiti novel" that exists on the streets and buildings of London. Brit artist Brett Ewins has provided character drawings for the IFC to spray up all over town or paste up as urban-poster art. Here's a great Obama/Ditko mix!

Here's the character FOXMAN, the urban animal who is appearing all over London:

***And this just went up today -- based on one of my own images: Street Toads, by Ben and Raph of the IFC. The lettering next to the image says, "toad", but is sprayed in an almost abstract whirl of shapes. I think it looks really fantastic... The image is over 40 feet in length. These young guys are the new spraymasters: The new Banksys and Failes. It's happening now -- an urban comics and graffiti fusion.

Look out on the streets of London for the IFC

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Duncan Fegredo sketching at the KAPOW! convention.

Ah, remember the days when I used to say how Duncan Fegredo was the most under-rated artist working in the comics mainstream? Well, I think the world has caught themselves on since then.  Here's some work Duncan sketched up for the lucky people at last week's KAPOW! convention in London village.

Mmm, pancakes. And here's a shot of Duncan slaving away over a hot propelling pencil, courtesy of Alison "Space In Text" Sampson.  Cop a load of the gorgeous original art displayed on his table. Oh lordy.

Been caught soliciting: DC, July 2011. Special sexy edition!

If you can think of anything sexier than Batman punching a schoolgirl in uniform, Cameron Stewart wants to know!

Guillem March's bizarre marriage of great technique and bad taste continues to enthrall the commissioning editors at DC.

Speaking of that whole technique without taste argument, Adam Hughes shows a little restraint on this 'un, an appreciate for classic poster design, and a lovely lantern-lit palette.  But more importantly, mmm, fishnets!

And currently residing in the "one for the ladies" file, it's a strapping young lad going shirtless in a pair of denim cut-offs. Oh yeah. Or, in other words, DC finally get 'round to sticking Kirby's KAMANDI out in the same format as those great FOURTH WORLD omnibuses.

Also from the One For The Ladies file, solid lump of glistening muscle Simon Bisley does a lovely line in self-portraiture for this month's HELLBLAZER cover.

And never say we don't cover all your necrophiliac needs here at BL. If a dame turning blue and bleeding profusely from a fatal head trauma earlier wasn't enough for you, here's a skull in lipstick.

And there's always CBR, for all your contextual needs.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Been caught soliciting: Marvel, July 2011. Special sexy edition!

Let's start with one for the ladies. Neal Adams' return to the comics mainstream continues with a bunch of variant covers for Marvel.  One of them is even pretty good, though sadly lacking in visible chest hair.

I think the last time I ran an Adi Granov Black Widow piece, I described it as looking "sexy, yet oddly synthetic", and dubbed his ridonkulously proportioned Mary-Jane Watson as like "a sexbot". Then Sean Phillips turned up and left the comment that the Black Widow was modelled on Granov's wife.  To which, the only worthwhile reply can be "he's a lucky man".

Speaking of Sean Phillips, if you've a thing for blue women, or have a bent towards necrophilia, then the sexiness continues with this:

Or if, like me, you've a thing for women made out of felt, Roger Langridge has placed the sexiest of all The Muppets, Janice out of The Electric Mayhem, front-and-centre here. Phwooar.

Cop all the other, marginally less sexy, solicitations over at CBR.

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's your last week to vote TagTeamTastic!

Here's a sketch WJC did for the Etherington Brothers, hinting at the delights he'll fill TagTeamTastic with if it gets a reprieve-by-public-demand beyond its initial six-week run.

Voting closes on Saturday, follow this link, do it from as many IP addresses as you can, as often as it'll let you! Remember, it's this button you click on:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Other stuff in my RSS feed I've liked today IV

From trawling DeviantArt:
The ever-reliable hand of Dave Johnson.

Garry Brown goes all 2001 on us.

Corey Lewis throws one on the meme pile.

Friday, April 08, 2011

The bass that played the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Sent my way by the great Saudade: "We were at Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA. They're working guitars made by local guitarmaker Robbie Schoen."

What's not to love about this photo?

Just saw this on *spit* Facebook. As I keep saying, everything I've seen of the JUDGE MINTY production tells me that a very faithful depiction of Dredd's world could be made on a TV budget.  There's your next Saturday evening SF action-comedy, right there. Make it so, BBC (or anyone else)!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Regime change should start a little closer-to-home.

The Klams' drummer, engineer, chauffeur and landlord, Al Jackson has only gone and wrote the most on-the-nose song about Northern Irish politics since Alternative Ulster, the scamp.  It's called Donkey Blues, for reasons that'll be apparent after clicking the link.

Yes, that's right, our drummer.  Fear us.