Thursday, March 31, 2011


Or as I high-lariously dubbed it, "the double B-side".
  Ghost Riders EP by Klams

Ghost Rider was a Request Wednesday shout by David Wynne. I said sure, as long as you draw Ghost Rider on a Massey Ferguson TE-20 for the cover, and he duly obliged.  Now there's an artist who can work to a ridiculously precise brief. Here's his original, un-fiddled with, contribution.

Which, as soon as I got my hands on it, became this:
At one point David tweeted something about having a rough couple of days, and sorry if he owed anyone e-mails.  Fearing the worst, I dummied up a reserve design, just in case he had indeed sliced his drawing hand off in a bizarre sandwich-making accident.  It became the basis for the final cover, so I'll share it with the world, just for laughs:

And just tonight, "Fifth-Klam" Warwick Johnson-Cadwell honoured us again with a shout-out at his blog, and posted this fellow-travelling piece of art, which does indeed have something of a Ghost Riders In The Sky vibe to it.  Or, it's like a pre-viz for a tantalizing never-to-be-made Secret Sisters video directed by Paul King

Friday, March 25, 2011

One of my favourite pieces of art from last year... now being used to raise funds for disaster relief in Japan.  Please give generously, and receive a rather lovely print in return.

Ditko Lovers

Bruce Timm

Brendan McCarthy
(via The Strangeness Of..., and a trawl of Comic Art Fans)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"I wanna be your Tractor Man"

The Klams bring back their "popular" Request Wednesdays slot. Oh lordy.

  The Klams - Whole Lotta Burnin Love by Klams

Been caught soliciting: DC, June 2011.

There was at least one surprise in the DC solicitations that came out this week: Pete Milligan writing Shade The Changing Man again, but this time in SECRET SEVEN, not an Enid Blyton adaptation, but a DC Universe miniseries that ties-in to their latest fan-gouge-fest.  I'll probably buy it just out of curiosity.

But artwise, there's these:

I can't stop looking at Guillem March's latest cover for GOTHAM SIRENS. It's beyond good or bad, I've no words to adequately express my feelings towards it.

Another Simon Bisley HELLBLAZER cover caught my eye.  I've been overhearing conversations on Twitter recently that reveal Biz is still a very divisive figure in the UK comics community.  I prefer not to blame the man for the rash of impersonators that polluted 2000AD for too long in his wake.  That blame should roll uphill to whoever commissioned their work, presumably in a blind panic induced by the realisation that the corporate golden goose had gone and pissed off to America.  This image shows that Biz is capable of quieter moments than we expect from him (y'know), and a reminder that he has a great capacity for rendering texture.

Hello Space Girls

Jason Latour and Kevin Mellon's posters for the Kansas City Planet Con, both on the same remit of "Space Girls".  One goes Kirby, the other heads off in more EC directions. Nathan Fox has apparently done one too, must keep an eye out for it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's WJC's birthday.

Celebrate by clicking on this link and hitting the button that looks like this:

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