Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tomorrow's links today.

1. Buy Alfie Gallagher's Christmas cards.

2. Listen to David Lynch's new LP. It's good!

3. Read an interview with Frank Quitely.

4. Joe Bloke wants to punch Frank Miller.

5. The mainstream continues to cotton-on to the boom in original graphic novels published in the UK: Creative Review covers Self Made Hero's HELLRAISERS.


joe bloke said...

Joe Bloke wants to punch Frank Miller, ey? no great surprise there, then!

Colin Smith said...

Joe Bloke certainly isnt alone.

Having read the Miller entry, I can only conclude that its satire of the most brilliant stripe. Nobody but an excellent satirist could capture that mixture of self-righteousness, ignorance, and fascistic intolerance so brilliantly.

Mark Kardwell said...

Well, if I thought punching Miller was an over-reaction, I dont after reading the last couple of entries at his blog. Bring back national service for pious middle-aged cartoonists, I say.