Monday, October 31, 2011

That'll be Halloween, then.

Just gave my first trick-or-treater the bum's rush. I don't have a damned thing in the house except beer, and there's probably a law against giving that out to kids. Anyhow, saw these out and about tonight: Bryan Lee O'Malley dipping his toe back into PILGRIM-y waters for a "Kim Pine dresses as Ramona/Ramona dresses as Kim Pine" Halloween-themed sketch; and more proof that Ryan Sook does good Kirby without falling into the usual "Kirby-as-genre" cliches.

Oh, and for another Halloween-y sumthin'-sumthin', head over to Peter Richardson's Cloud 109. Always good to see him post some of his own work up there, now that he mainly uses that blog for thoughtful rumination on the work of past masters.