Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Some good lookin' new Brendan McCarthy work.

Over at The Strangeness Of..., John has debuted a couple of pieces by the Subliminal Kid from upcoming releases - the cover for a new book devoted to the fondly-remembered innovative animation REBOOT, and a strip for ROCKETEER ADVENTURES in tribute to the man we may consider directly responsible for STRANGE DAYS, Dave Stevens. I note it's written by John Arcudi, co-author of the most consistently good comic in the mainstream, B.P.R.D.  I love how these few panels give us a clue to how the McCarthy/Cook team have adapted their current psychedigital style to the more muted palette of the strip's time frame.


joe bloke said...

wow. Brendans doing/done a strip for the Rocketeer Adventures? thats way cool. I love the first issue, and cant wait for this.