Thursday, July 21, 2011

Low, low ticket price for the AL EWING versus MATT BADHAM bout.

2000AD's Al Ewing is having a bare-knuckle fight in a pub car-park in Manchester with Brit-Cit comics journo Matt Badham tomorrow night at 6.30. Apparently Matt spilled Al's pint.  There's a guy at the gate collecting 2 a head.  Details in full here. I'd advise to get there early, 'cus Matt's a bleeder.


Colin Smith said...

Dear Mr Kardwell,

though I understand your desire to be entertaining, may I remind you that many of your readers are, as I am, rather old and especially gulliable, as well as rather unhealthily fond of that Mr Ewing chap. News stories such as this one do nothing to increase our faith in the integrity of the press, and they inspire an inevitable disappointment when its discovered that a punch-up really isnt in the offing. Some of us have reached our later years and been denied by the change in fashion the chance to knit beside Saturday afternoon wrestling as shown on ITV. Now you want to tease and disappoint us with the prospect of the kind of mindless violence so little seen in Manchester.

Shame on you.

A fan. (hello cheeky.)

Matt said...

Thanks for the plug, Mark.

Ive written about the event here, which now involves a pint-winning competition:

Plus there will be chocolate and (if I organise it in time) the chance to win a signed trade paperback.

And bare-knuckle boxing, of course.

Matt Badham

Matt said...

Trying to post that link again:

Post on Al Ewing interview

And heres a link to the venues website:

Lass OGowrie pub


Geoff Bell said...

that ewing bloke loks rather like the bad librarianship himself