Saturday, July 16, 2011

Been caught soliciting: Image, October 2011.

Joe Casey gets to work with some rather tasty artists, doesn't he?

More sexy glossy work from Viktor Kalvachev. No idea if this comic is any good, but all the preview art looks great, so I've been waiting for the trade patiently.

All the rest are up at CBR, of course.


David Wynne said...

I dont think Ill ever come to terms with the massive chasm between Caseys comics work and the thing I always associate most with him- Ben 10. Mind boggling.

Geoff Bell said...
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Geoff Bell said...

did anybody else see the roll of notes say "DRED D" at the bottom? was it intentional?

Mark Kardwell said...

Just saw that: "one hunDRED Dollar bill". Dunno if theres any artistic license/distortion of an actual one hundred dollar bill to make that fit into view or not.