Sunday, July 10, 2011

Been caught soliciting: Dark Horse, October 2011.

It's a good month for tasty Mignola covers, with the cream of the crop being this 'un:

Devilpig seemed a bit miffed when I didn't feature his last Abe Sapien cover, but this one is a belter:

It strikes me that, while Eric Powell is a personal favourite, I seldom feature his work on this blog. Strange, that:

A hardcover collection of every one of Evan Dorkin's MILK AND CHEESE strips? That's a must for every self-respecting hater's shelf space:

Read the lot (ooh, the last ever issue of FEAR AGENT!) at CBR.


Colin Smith said...

Theyre all great, but that Powell cover is just a really splendid peach in a world of really fine peaches.

Or something that means that I like his best. Its 20 past 12. Im sorry ...

WJC said...

Crumbs! I think that Dave Johnson cover pips it for me.

joe bloke said...

Milk & Cheese! Woo-hoo!!!!

saudade said...

ooh, may have to get that Milk and Cheese for the hubby. cheers!