Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mick McMahon has started blogging.

Well, there's yer biggest news in UK comic blogging in, like, forever. He's got off to a helluva start, too - pages from the long-anticipated TANK GIRL project he's been working on for a few years Carioca (pages that show McMahon gets the tone of that strip easily), and news of a new WWII-era comic for Com.X, KESTRELS.

And he's got a WJC link in the sidebar. Could the guy get any cooler?

Obviously, that's my picture of the day sorted, too. Here's a sketch of Spikes Harvey Rotten Mick did for his disciple Rob at 2D.

That's another reason why not getting to Derry this year was probably for the best: queuing amongst a sea of school kids for a sketch from Mick, like Pooh Bear amongst a sea of Piglets, then getting to the front and melting down big time. "Can I have a Judge Dredd, no, maybe a Tweek, no, a Fink... it really should be Slaine... or Ukko. Actually, make it a Mongrol. No, Big George..."