Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Been caught soliciting: DC, September 2011.

DC's 52 new #1s have had more than enough coverage already, so let's skip straight to their back end. Hurr hurr.

How many times can DC get you to buy All-Star Superman? One more time, that's how many. This was the format I was holding out for, I'll admit.

I love Joe Kubert, but I'd bet Robert Crumb's retelling of Genesis is funnier.

Simon Bisley is still turning John Constantine into... Simon Bisley. Dammit, Biz, JC would never wear those boots! You would!

This is where I piously take the piss out of the tat DC Direct churn out, while never admitting that I'd secretly love either of these on my mantelpiece. Especially the Mignola-inspired one.