Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Klams: Eighties Week - the whole shooting match.

Eighties Week is complete.  Here's the final running order.

  Eighties Week by Klams

Extras after the break.

The idea for the cover came to me in the shower: three B-52 bombers (representing the three Klams) dropping a payload of 99 Red Balloons.  What could be more '80s than that?  Then I went to Google images for some visual reference, maybe nick some images and Photoshop a cover together myself.  It soon became apparent that (i) I was never going to be able to do it, and (ii) the B-52 was a very ugly aircraft.  All the best looking bombers were from WWII, and decommissioned by the '80s.  Then I came across a shot of the B-2 Stealth Bomber in profile. It was a cool lookin' machine, and was in flight at the tail end of the relevant decade.  Blagging favours from my favourite artists can be a tricky job, but WJC agreed readily, bless 'im.  My usual policy of sticking a logo and a title on it was forgotten as soon as the finished art arrived in my inbox.  It was far too attractive to deface, and Warwick drew the plane already decorated with our name on the side.  I adore this image, and would love to see him draw our further adventures in it someday.  I imagine us using it as our tour bus, flying from one ridiculous gig destination to another, parking it precariously in outrageous locales.

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