Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion's ABSALOM.

Long-term BL readers will know there's a coterie of artists that we consider (that's the royal we) "our boys".  Artists whose work we always loyally plug, and whose successes we take a great sense of pride in.  Amongst their number is Tiernen Trevallion, a man always guaranteed to (a) thrill and (b) send my spell checker into meltdown.  Tiernen has a new ongoing strip starting this week in 2000AD, so if you're a subscriber, you may already have seen these images in print right now.  Hell, if you were quick to the newsagents today, you may well be holding these in your hands as I write.  I however, live in deepest darkest Peru, so won't get my copy until tomorrow.  Anyway, my point is, buy 2000AD this week.  If you normally buy it anyway, buy two copies.  Then email Tharg and tell the big green slaphead that it's the best looking strip he's ran in years. Well, since Cradlegrave.  Might as well get a plug in for another one of "our boys".

I think we can safely expect this to be good. Gordon Rennie doesn't write particularly prolifically, but when his work does show up in 2000AD, it's fair to say he has originated many of the best strips of the last three decades.


Rich Johnson said...

Thats beautifully done, isnt it? An eye-feast.