Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Been caught soliciting: DC, Marvel & Image, August 2011.

Darwyn Cooke not trying too hard. Ladronn working very hard indeed. A big mad brain from Dave Johnson's big mad brain. Marvel's Punisher relaunch: Bryan Hitch draws a grizzled white dude shooting black kids.  But he looks sad while he's doing it, so it's okay.

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joe bloke said...

wow. I love that Darwyn Cooke one. but whos the dude with the ring? obviously, its a Green Lantern, but, surely, thats not Alan Scott, is it? cause, if it is, the new costume sucks chunks.

Mark Kardwell said...

Yeah, saw that, looks like the KINGDOM COME Alan Scott get-out.

Alfie Gallagher said...

That punisher cover once again highlights the deep complex characterisations that goes along with being a charmless sociopath. At least Bullseye cracks a smile.

Colin Smith said...

My Grud, a superhero that Darwyn Cooke cant make good, or at least successfully & productively obscure? That Green Lantern costume is ... somebodys having a laff, aint they?

I know I shouldnt, but the Deadpool cover makes me giggle.

But the Punisher cover. Just looking at it gives me the headache cognitive dissonance inspires. Because theres no context, it feels deeply unpleasant. Which of course may be the idea; THIS is what a psychotic scumbag of a pseudo-superhero criminal-murdering psychopath looks like when hes SHOOTING YOU IN THE HEAD.

But then, theres the awful sense were supposed to sorry for him in his heart-tearing duty. Cake, eat and still keep.