Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Other stuff in my RSS feed I've liked today V.

Also starring "stuff from my inbox", "a guy I recently came across on Tumblr", and "thing I just saw on Twitter".

Phil Bond's "Rebel, Rebel". That man is never happier than when he's drawing a spacegirl in a helmet.

From The Pictorial Arts: Ludwig Hohlwein Tachometerwerke 1920

A Thomas Perkins' turnaround for the great Captain Marvel redesign in the recent AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES cartoon.  As good as the current Bachalo design is, this is better, and should make the jump over to the comics.

And some more recent Brendan McCarthy, for the hell of it.

Oh, and nearly forgot this; Paul Pope gets Freudian.


Alfie Gallagher said...

Mmmmmm, philip bond inks.

Just maybe that snake between her legs is just a snake. And shes wearing those above the knee pvc boots to muck out behind the fridge.