Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brendan McCarthy on Street Art.

Brendan writes:
A strong new trend in the underground graffiti scene is the use of comics based on British imagery and artists. The street art collective IFC is developing a whole set of original characters to build a "graphiti novel" that exists on the streets and buildings of London. Brit artist Brett Ewins has provided character drawings for the IFC to spray up all over town or paste up as urban-poster art. Here's a great Obama/Ditko mix!

Here's the character FOXMAN, the urban animal who is appearing all over London:

***And this just went up today -- based on one of my own images: Street Toads, by Ben and Raph of the IFC. The lettering next to the image says, "toad", but is sprayed in an almost abstract whirl of shapes. I think it looks really fantastic... The image is over 40 feet in length. These young guys are the new spraymasters: The new Banksys and Failes. It's happening now -- an urban comics and graffiti fusion.

Look out on the streets of London for the IFC

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