Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Been caught soliciting: Marvel, July 2011. Special sexy edition!

Let's start with one for the ladies. Neal Adams' return to the comics mainstream continues with a bunch of variant covers for Marvel.  One of them is even pretty good, though sadly lacking in visible chest hair.

I think the last time I ran an Adi Granov Black Widow piece, I described it as looking "sexy, yet oddly synthetic", and dubbed his ridonkulously proportioned Mary-Jane Watson as like "a sexbot". Then Sean Phillips turned up and left the comment that the Black Widow was modelled on Granov's wife.  To which, the only worthwhile reply can be "he's a lucky man".

Speaking of Sean Phillips, if you've a thing for blue women, or have a bent towards necrophilia, then the sexiness continues with this:

Or if, like me, you've a thing for women made out of felt, Roger Langridge has placed the sexiest of all The Muppets, Janice out of The Electric Mayhem, front-and-centre here. Phwooar.

Cop all the other, marginally less sexy, solicitations over at CBR.


joe bloke said...

and this time I shall refrain from all comments in regards to the hotness of the wife in question. honest.

but that Janice. . .phwoar, indeed!

and that Neal Adams Daredevil actually rules. although, did you see the Captain America one? dear, oh, dear. . .

Mark Kardwell said...

Yup, the Cap is a stinker. But the Daredevil image redeems it somewhat. The character is such a great fit for Adams, its a wonder hes only getting round to him now.

Colin Smith said...

Good lord, Mark. That Daredevil cover is close to being splendid. Is that the law of averages working itself out or has he got his mojo working?