Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Been caught soliciting: DC, July 2011. Special sexy edition!

If you can think of anything sexier than Batman punching a schoolgirl in uniform, Cameron Stewart wants to know!

Guillem March's bizarre marriage of great technique and bad taste continues to enthrall the commissioning editors at DC.

Speaking of that whole technique without taste argument, Adam Hughes shows a little restraint on this 'un, an appreciate for classic poster design, and a lovely lantern-lit palette.  But more importantly, mmm, fishnets!

And currently residing in the "one for the ladies" file, it's a strapping young lad going shirtless in a pair of denim cut-offs. Oh yeah. Or, in other words, DC finally get 'round to sticking Kirby's KAMANDI out in the same format as those great FOURTH WORLD omnibuses.

Also from the One For The Ladies file, solid lump of glistening muscle Simon Bisley does a lovely line in self-portraiture for this month's HELLBLAZER cover.

And never say we don't cover all your necrophiliac needs here at BL. If a dame turning blue and bleeding profusely from a fatal head trauma earlier wasn't enough for you, here's a skull in lipstick.

And there's always CBR, for all your contextual needs.


Declan Shalvey said...

That first cover is by Chris Burnam, not Cameron Stewart, sir

Mark Kardwell said...

That would explain the Quiteliness of it, then.

Thats a real word by the way. Honest.