Thursday, March 31, 2011


Or as I high-lariously dubbed it, "the double B-side".
  Ghost Riders EP by Klams

Ghost Rider was a Request Wednesday shout by David Wynne. I said sure, as long as you draw Ghost Rider on a Massey Ferguson TE-20 for the cover, and he duly obliged.  Now there's an artist who can work to a ridiculously precise brief. Here's his original, un-fiddled with, contribution.

Which, as soon as I got my hands on it, became this:
At one point David tweeted something about having a rough couple of days, and sorry if he owed anyone e-mails.  Fearing the worst, I dummied up a reserve design, just in case he had indeed sliced his drawing hand off in a bizarre sandwich-making accident.  It became the basis for the final cover, so I'll share it with the world, just for laughs:

And just tonight, "Fifth-Klam" Warwick Johnson-Cadwell honoured us again with a shout-out at his blog, and posted this fellow-travelling piece of art, which does indeed have something of a Ghost Riders In The Sky vibe to it.  Or, it's like a pre-viz for a tantalizing never-to-be-made Secret Sisters video directed by Paul King


Brigonos said...

Great Suicide cover - the Rollins version was a bit too sellout for me, but I guess it worked as part of the Crow soundtrack.

WJC said...

Fifth Klam? Wow. Time to dust off all those stadium rock star dreams.

Brigonos said...

Also, because it needs saying, Ghost Rider on a Massey is the greatest thing ever.

We need to get Rob Williams on the blower and tell him where hes going wrong.

Alfie Gallagher said...

Id picture the Ghost Rider on the ever reliable Massey 135 myself. Great pick up arm action on that model.

Mark Kardwell said...

I went for the TE-20 cus just about everyone I know has one rusting in their backyard.

But nary a week goes by at work without someone coming in and requesting the manual for the 135. Hell of a machine.

But the little grey Fergie is a design classic. If I was writing Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze would ride an HD XR-750 and do his farming on a MF TE-20.

Alfie Gallagher said...

If youve got a TE-20 rusting in your own back yard, my old man would probably buy it off you, hes a demon for the vintage. Great tunes.