Friday, February 04, 2011

Some comics-to-movie news that seems to have slipped under the radar.

Don't think I've seen this at any of the main movie or comics news outlets, but Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo's classic body horror FACE is being made into a film - the official site of the production is over here.  They have a Facebook presence over here.

It was a damned fine comic, and worth searching out - part of the 1995 Vertigo Voices series of one shots that also included KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND, but unlike it, has been unfathomably allowed to fall out of print.  I think it would be very easy for DC to rectify that situation - by putting together a tidy little package of it and the three issue series GIRL, and their short stories together from the WEIRD WESTERN and WEIRD WAR anthologies.


Ernesto said...

I loved Face when it came out. Its boxed back home. Ill have to dig it out.