Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shaky Kane - Unravelled.

Shaky Kane - Unravelled from Temporal Anomaly on Vimeo.

Crazy bugger. Or, to be more precise, good to see he's as crazy as I always hoped he would be.

(via Kenny Penman's Twitter feed)


James Edward Clark said...

Ive been really enjoying bulletproof Coffin. I was planning on picking up the final issue tomorrow now Im even more excited then I was before to get my hands on it.
Is this guy for real? That was hilarious!

David Wynne said...

Slightly cringey... his accent keeps slipping, and it feels a little like forced weirdness. Trying to be Viv Stanshall or David Byrne, but without the years of practice at that kind of oddness.

For all that, still very entertaining. One day Id love to see a proper documentary about him though.

Mark Kardwell said...

Im glad the accent kept slipping, it made the film even weirder and more ambiguous.

Mark Kardwell said...

Anyway, if you make it past the first several minutes, it starts to reward your patience.