Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big plug for Brad Collins.

Okay folks, this saga is old news for those following me on Twitter, but my sister bought me a lovely print of Tom Baker by Brad Collins for Christmas.  I was quite touched by this, not least because Brad included such a lovely note with the item. I came home late on Christmas night, put it rather slovenly on my couch along with my other presents, and then went out again on Boxing Day.  I returned to my house around eleven that night to find a burst pipe in my attic showering half of my house with hot water, including, yes, the couch with all my presents on it.  Bugger.

Anyway, here's a before and after:

Tom, clean and dry.
Tom, drenched.

Anyway, when I contacted Brad to ask if I could buy a replacement, he volunteered to send me one for free.  What an absolute sweetheart.  Such loveliness deserves some robust plugging, so here's a link to Brad's Etsy shop, please buy lots of his lovely stuff.  And here's his blog.  And here's his Facebook page.


sydelic said...

Whats odd is the drenched version looks like the images you got in the Doctor Who Annuals in the 70s.

Mark Kardwell said...

Its not without its own charms, isnt it?

Mark Kardwell said...

Perhaps I should have them mounted together.