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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out Of The Blue

Neil Young is pretty much the household god 'round these parts, and here's the first review of the GREENDALE original graphic novel, which sounds like it should be considerably better than the LP or the film.

I thought you wanted my money...

Someday I'll record my Jerry Lee Lewis-style cover of Pokerface, but until then, enjoy this:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I hear WJC went fishing today. How'd it go?


Incredible Mr Jebus/Space Jebus

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Blur track - "Fool's Day"

You've probably heard all about this tune's origins already: hit up the band's website for a free kosher download.

Dan Hipp's Hellboy.

Plenty more greatness at Dan's MR HIPP blog.

Been caught soliciting: Marvel, July 2010.

Kaare Andrews: going three-for-three with pervy ASTONISHING X-MEN covers.

Dave Johnson is this month's winner.

I don't quite get how this works, Ed. So these "Secret Avengers" are an espionage team? Then why are they a bunch of super-freaks in kinky gear?

And Milo Manara is as Milo Manara does. Only this time, it's for Marvel.  Basically, if  '90s X-Men comics give you a lob-on, this is the comic you've been waiting for, all your awful life.

Cop the lot at CBR.

Been caught soliciting: DC, July 2010.

I love Bucky, and you've probably noticed, he's been doing more covers (nearly always in watercolours) lately. This is his best yet: all those disparate elements, in perfect balance. Poptastic.

What I want from a Mike Allred comic: mod chicks. And for it not to be written by Mike Allred.

Holy shit, Pete Milligan is bringing Shade The Changing Man back in HELLBLAZER #269. Cover by The Biz.

More Brendan McCarthy comics on their way, too: he's drawing a short in HOUSE OF MYSTERY #27. The man is clearly basing his comics career on London buses (none come along in years, then there's three all at once).

And down at the arse-end, I see DC Direct have produced a Farah Fawcett action figure. What's that all about then?

See the lot at CBR.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Pixies widget


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two pages from Brendan McCarthy's FEVER #2

Something of the Mad Max about these.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thor! Huh! What is it good for?

I love all those TWART guys, but Chris Samnee was new to me and has proven something of a revelation with his classic stylings. He reminds me of half a dozen hearty journeymen of half a dozen different eras, so I won't weary him with a lengthy list of comparisons.  What I will say is: this new THOR series looks great, and it's written by Roger Langridge, so it'll be smart and funny and as classicist as the art, I'm sure. Standard Marvel operating procedure: as a new movie looms, they make sure they have a glut of trade paperbacks featuring that character on the shelves, but we won't complain too much if this turns out to be as much fun as these designs look.

Also, regular BL readers know how my mind works, and have already pointed out to me: cop a load of his Ant-Man design page. Gorgeous: the best looking stab at this character I've seen since Coipel's. Paging Edgar Wright!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Been caught soliciting: Dark Horse, July 2010.

 Dave Johnson continues to give good skull. I want your skulls! I need your skulls!

Now that Cam Kennedy's retired, we're getting a chance to see some of his best American work collected in one lovely, gigantic, book - STAR WARS: THE DARK EMPIRE TRILOGY. That reminds me - is THE LIGHT AND DARKNESS WAR in print anywhere these days?

 Oh yeah! Doin' my new Hellboy dance! Unngh! Get down!
 New covers on some SIN CITY trades going back to print. Oh Frank. You can still do it when you want to.

 The last FEAR AGENT series kicks off. Aw. I loved that series.

 And more of Adam Warren's never-less-than-charming EMPOWERED. Not a great cover, but please don't let that stop you.

Covers via the good spuds at CBR.

Something else I should have linked to sooner:

David Hine & Shaky Kane talk BULLETPROOF COFFIN over at Newsarama.

The Art Of Mike Mignola

Sometimes I forget that not everyone reads the same blogs as me, and I'm remiss in posting links that I mistakenly presume everyone's seen already. So, for everyone not reading Simon's blog (and why the hell aren't you): the second-best Hellboy artist, some dude called Mike Something-or-other, has started his own website.  Good luck, kid. I think this guy'll go far.

Monday, April 12, 2010

How to vote for me in the Eagle Awards nominations.

1. Go here.

2. Enter your name, email address and country of residence at the top, otherwise your vote won't count.

3. Scroll down to "Favourite Comics-Related Website". Click the down arrow to get the list. Highlight Badlibrarianship - it's second from the top.

4. Vote with your conscience in the other categories, but I do ask that you vote for John Hicklenton in the Roll Of Honour category.  And it was a bloody crime that Tom Frame didn't get it last time.

5. And I promise to use my much-undeserved Eagle Award nomination only for evil.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Links of disrepute II

Stuff I've seen, and intended to blog sooner, these last couple of days.

1.  I remember a few years ago seeing lots of lovely preview pages from Du Plomb Dans La Tete at Casterman's website, and planning on getting 'round to reading it eventually. Then promptly forgetting.  So, good to see it's got an Anglophone publisher lined up: 2000AD legend Colin Wilson reports on his blog on its release from Dynamite, as BULLET TO THE HEAD.

 2.  Not the biggest fan of comic artists using paint (with one exception, Bisley's Slaine: The Horned God), but I saw this by Gabriele Dell Otto at Quicky's blog, and was taken with its John Totleben-liness. There's even a Slaine illustration there by the same dude.

3.  The BBC getting close on some DOCTOR WHO computer games. Producers promise they'll be like an extra four episodes for the new series. Plenty of screenshots of the digital Legs McGee over here.

4.  Talking of Legs McGee, here's The Noisettes covering The Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've, in order to sell DM boots.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Had to hold my horses on this one, 'cus I reckoned there may have been an embargo on it, but dammit, here goes!

I've came across two pieces on Brendan McCarthy's FEVER tonight but only one of them is worth linking to: just a couple more days to go, folks - oooooh!

Also - welcome back, John M Kirkham's The Strangeness Of... site. I feared it was gone forever, along with all the great stuff he has tucked away there.

Monday, April 05, 2010


Click through for the greatest news story about librarianship ever.  Or click here if you want the same news but with slightly longer words.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Holy Bat-lawyers, Dan!

The trailer for the Batman porn parody is (1) unerotic and (2) looks expensive. C'mon, call that porn? You could watch that with your granny. Well, your granny.

Howzabout a little Tomer Hanuka drawing MGMT?

At the Hanuka Bros blog: illo done for the venerable-but-shit ROLLING STONE.

Judge Death leansss in for a group hug.

Cliff Robinson shares a commission he's done recently over at his blog.