Saturday, December 18, 2010

We know that music is just music.

Hey, for all the good people who can access Spotify, here's a playlist I knocked together, we'll call it my Best Of 2010.  Everyone in a non-Spotify territory - sorry.  There's always The Klams.

And here's to Don Van Vliet, crazy-assed mother of the highest order.  Some people get broken in to the music of Captain Beefheart nice and easily. Not us. Our first Beefheart experience was TROUT MASK REPLICA. Here's Don and Frank, one of rock's great love-hate relationships.


cerebus660 said...

Some great songs on your playlist, Mark. Going from Motorhead to Eliza Doolittle and from Springsteen to Tinie Tempah is pretty random, but cool!

Mark Kardwell said...

Those transitions were never going to be smooth, but I liked em.